Universal Power Supplies

Many Knick isolation amplifiers are equipped with the VariPower broad-range power supply unit. It is designed for supply voltages of 20 ... 253 V AC/DC.

These isolators and transmitters are therefore suitable for connection to almost all power grids and can be used all over the world. This not only greatly simplifies warehousing and spare parts inventories, but it also allows for insensitivity to power grid fluctuations within the specified ranges.



The ZU 0628 DIN rail bus connectors from Knick present a new concept of power supply for modular-housing devices. They are simply inserted in the 35-mm rail. Combined with the IsoPower A 20900 power supply or the ZU 0677 power terminal block, they supply power to isolators and transmitters of the 6-mm series and considerably reduce the cabling effort. Existing systems can easily be retrofitted with these modules.

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