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    First-class high-precision products with protective separation
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    Optimized for standard applications


Knick manufactures a broad range of electrical interface products, including universal signal conditioners for measuring DC voltages and currents with galvanic isolation, active and passive isolators for standard signals, repeater power supplies for 2-wire sensors, transmitters for temperature and AC signals, and transducers for high voltages and shunt applications.  Knick products provide crucial benefits for applications with high demands on isolation, accuracy, signal transmission speed and long-term stability.

Many devices offer selectable calibrated input ranges and equally flexible output options.  This allows for usage in a broad range of applications. The result is reduced inventory costs and simplified operation.

Knick Interface offers a 5-year warranty on all products.  How can we do this?  Intelligent circuit design minimizes failure rates and achieves MTBF values of up to 1030 years. High quality is ensured through careful product development, comprehensive design verification, and 100% routine testing.

International certifications such as UL, CSA, CE, GL, SIL, KTA, ATEX, GOST allow the devices to be used worldwide, across numerous industries, in many different applications.

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